Friday, January 22, 2010

Buffalo Burrito

I think we are on snack/hand food streak recipe-wise here at the R house.  I made a pot of beans overnight yesterday and wanted to not just have red beans and rice.  So here is one concoction:

Buffalo Burrito
cooked red beans
hot sauce
blue cheese

My friend C just returned from Mexico and shared a soup recipe with me she tasted while she was away.   This Bean Crema Soup used the pureed bean liquid(in the picture below left- I was able to siphon 3 cups of liquid from 1LB of cooked small red beans) and then I added a bit of heavy cream.  I spiced it up a bit and added in some whole cooked beans.  Garnished with some cilantro, grape tomatoes, cabbage & lime wedges.  Oooooh wheee ... so good!!!

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