Saturday, January 23, 2010

Black & Gold Lemonade

This past Christmas I received one of these.  Immediately, I made lemon sorbet that was a bit underwhelming.  I forgot about this frozen treat until tonight.  A friend asked me this week if I could think of any black and gold foods for a special ball game this weekend(GO SAINTS!) -- well, my friend, K this one is for you!                      
The Black and Gold Lemonade
I used a 12 oz Mason jar
fill the glass with ice
add a handful of blueberries
fill with vodka to just above the word Mason on the jar
top with a handsome scoop of lemon sorbet and a splash of water
screw on that lid and give it a shake --an excellent feature of serving drinks in these jars
ok, I know they are blueberries -- so what?

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