Tuesday, September 21, 2010

visiting Minneapolis in September

Cold Cuts with Pickles @112 eatery.

112 Eatery was recommended by 2 New Orleans friends  Ladies, keep 'em coming.
AND it's open late!

Fried Cheese Curd Truck at Oktoberfest

We happened upon an Oktoberfest while biking in St. Anthony Main near Nicollet Island.  Although I did not have any, I always want them & am equally fascinated by cold cheese curds and the fried variety too.

View from the top of the Foshay Building

I love a skyway! -- I know ... a silly love, but I am fascinated by all things "city".  I guess that comes from growing up in rural Mississippi(you know the grass is always greener).

RIP Gary -- you are already missed.

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