Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crabby patties? No, Salmon Croquettes.

It was time to get some things out of the freezer. A piece of salmon that was inches away from its expiration date was ready for action.

I read this recipe from Saveur and then I read this recipe from

I was ready to make these Salmon Croquettes:

Here is my ingredient list:
salmon one medium piece of salmon
red onion chopped
cilantro roughly chopped
mexican crema
old bay
lemon juice & zest
panko bread crumbs
assorted peppers: black, white and cayenne

Take 1/4 the amount of breadcrumbs as salmon and soak in soy milk, crema and a splash of mirin for a few minutes.  Combine all ingredients.  Chill the croquettes for 30 minutes each.  Coat each croquette in breadcrumbs, really pushing the breadcrumbs into each.  Pan fry in a very small amount of olive oil over medium heat.

I made a dipping sauce out of crema, mirin, lemon juice and ground green chile powder.

They were just terrific and so easy!!

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