Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thank you John Besh!

I hope you have heard about the lunch at Restaurant August - three courses for $20.10.  Yes, that's right sister - not a typo.  A dear friend (now) from Atlanta ... visited this week and boy did we eat high on the hog.  I actually did enjoy a little bacon in my house made spaghettini (not pictured) 

Go there hungry -- enjoy yourself!  Call me and I'll go with you!

top to bottom:  amuse bouche-savory whipped egg with caviar, soft shell buster crab, lemonfish atop mango and avacado, grilled chevre and peaches, AND a great send off-almond brittle & white chocolate pistachio truffle.  That, my friends, is how Restaurant August does three courses for lunch.

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