Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shrimp Fried Rice before M.'s Gig Uptown

I attempted Shrimp Fried Rice tonight before M.'s gig Uptown.

M.'s comments:
"The cilantro ruins it."
"Fried Rice doesn't have squash."
"It doesn't taste like fried rice."

OK ... I get it, not his favorite thing I've ever made, but I thought it was delicious!  Me and Chinese Junk Food will one day be best friends!  (and he was wrong, it did taste like fried rice.)

Fried rice reminds me of Alvin, the Cook at Feelings when I worked there, who would make the wait staff fried rice on a slow night without any effort.  I wonder what happened to Alvin as he never returned to New Orleans after Katrina -- I heard he lives in Arkansas and I have a really hard time picturing this big guy from the Treme in the country.  Here's to you Alvin, hope you are still cooking and enjoying life!
If you are getting out tonight in NOLA, please drop by the Box Office on Freret Street after 8pm.  The Hot Club of New Orleans will be performing the musical stylings of music for moderns in their new weekly Wednesday installment Uptown.  Hope to see you there!

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